What is eXponere?
Exponere is a Latin word meaning, to expose. eXponere Group is a nonprofit organization that believes that lives can be transformed through exposure. 

Who does eXponere Group help? 
We focus on the needs of program directors, project managers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.
What kind of assistance does eXponere Group offer?
We help you to make solid decisions about your core business objectives, through research, development, and administrative vehicles.

What are the terms for eXponere Group’s help? 
Programs and projects must meet four criteria for our support:

  • EXPOSE the audience to what they have not seen, heard, tried, or done before through an educational platform. 
  • Present an OPPORTUNITY; an advantageous circumstances, occasion, or time to act. 
  • Promote GROWTH; align the target sectors with mentors and/or learning paths that expand goals and plans beyond exposure. 
  • Programs must offer SUPPORT; share resources, tools, and contacts so the target audience may take advantage of opportunities.

If eXponere Group is a non-profit organization, why do you require payment for services? 
The cost of our services are significantly reduced, in comparison to the market costs.  Additionally, the payments that we receive are used to fund free or low cost events, workshops, and programs in Philadelphia.

How can I contribute to eXponere Group? 
We accept monetary donations, and donations of time.  Additionally, we welcome sustainable partnerships with program developers, project managers, and business subject matter experts.