About Us

We will expose millions of people to life changing opportunities. eXponere Group will be the leader in aligning individual passion to communal purpose through the most remarkable educational platforms.

To offer diverse educational platforms that provide opportunities for personal and organizational growth and support broadening horizons.

Our strategy is to identify the most suitable business infrastructure for passionate program directors, project managers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. Working directly as nonprofit consultants, we may identify and secure resources (financial and otherwise), to enable sufficient program development and execution.

Board of Directors
Celeste L. Merriweather Ph.D.
Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Merriweather began her educational administrative career as Director of Early Childhood in New Jersey. Currently, she serves as a school Principal; working within her passion, to teach and uplift students, staff, and colleagues. 

LaVonne M. Payne, MPH
Masters of Public Administration

Mrs. Payne is a Claims Manager at a Fortune 50 Insurance company and serves as the Director of Innovation and Development on the board of the Minority Men Employee Resource Group, with a focus on the personal and professional development of the group’s members.

Jessica Robinson, MBA
Masters of Public and International Affairs

Mrs. Robinson is an Assets Protection Officer for a major retail corporation.  Her area of focus is Public Safety partnerships, where she lives her passion for supporting communities through service.

Ll’Rae Robinson, MBA

Mr. Robinson serves as an Organization Development professional with a Fortune 500 insurance company.  He has worked in various capacities at the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Black MBA Association, and he currently serves as a development resource for several professional groups in the Philadelphia Area. 

David Johnson, MBA
Vice President of Operations
Mr. Johnson is a licensed investment advisor, financial advisor, and strategic business consultant.  He has dedicated his spare time to the procurement and refinement of resources for the eXponere Group and eXponere Group clientele.

Maisha Smart, MBA
Vice President of Finance
Ms. Smart is a Financial Institution Examiner at the FDIC.  She is also the founder of the Finance & Marketing blog, and serves on several boards, including The Baldwin School’s National Board of Advisors and the Duke University Alumni Board.